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Front Bogie

Bogie Spring Cradles - In common with other key components, all sharp edges must be removed as they concentrate stresses in that area. The drawing states that we need a 1/16 of an inch radius. John and Geoff get to work. Once the top surface is finished, we will need to turn the cradle over so that the other surface can be addressed.

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May 18, 2023

Small pedantic technical suggestion:

From an engineering standpoint, it is only internal corners which act as stress raisers. And (in the context of structural elements of a fullsize loco bogie) they need a radius much larger than 1/16".

The reasons for rounding off external corners include prevention of injury to humans or dings to the material, and 1/16" is sufficient for these purposes. A somewhat larger radius is more beneficial in these respects, and in particular helps the paint to avoid getting chipped, eroded or abraded, delaying corrosion getting behind the paint.

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