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CTL Seal
Made in Sheffield

Precision Engineering Services.

Based in the heart of Sheffield and with over 25 years of precision engineering experience, CTL Seal is a complete fast-track engineering company.

With a highly skilled and experienced team, working with outstanding facilities and all focused on delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship using the latest manufacturing techniques.

As a fully accredited organisation, CTL Seal were awarded the contract to assemble the chassis of new build locomotive 72010 Hengist. CTL Seals team will be working closely with the Hengist team engineers to re-create the locomotive in all its original glory, but using advanced design and engineering techniques make it more efficient, powerful and 'greener' to run on a 21st century rail network.

CTL Seal provide 4 key services for the project.

Hengist engineering


Profiling all requirements for the locomotive, including side plates, drag boxes oxy-propane and plasma 16 metres x 4mters x 200mm

Hengist build


From 60kg to 60 ton fabrications of drag boxes, smoke box saddle, motion brackets, pony truck brackets etc

Hengist build


All milling and boring machining up to 10 metres x 3 metres x 5 metres, side plate, machining of frames, bogies cannon boxes, bogie stretcher etc

Hengist build at CTL Seal


Complete assembly of all locomotive parts   


Hengist locomotive

We're building a much 'greener & cleaner' locomotive by using  advance design and engineering techniques that significantly improve the locomotive's efficiency and performance. We're also preparing the locomotive for the future, with the long term development of sustainable steam as the design can more easily be adapted to take advantage of the alternative manufactured fuels that are being developed using biomass as a key component.

Greener & Cleaner

More Powerful

Better use of fuel



To make Hengist 'greener', two key changes are going to be made. Firstly, increase boiler pressure by 25 psi from 225 psi to 250 psi, which extracts more energy from the fuel and secondly, design a 21st century exhaust system which improves combustion and reduces back pressure on the cylinders. Computer simulations suggest that these two improvements help Hengist reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, by up to 10.5%.


Essential for steam operation on today's railway


The higher boiler pressure and the improved exhaust system, also mean that Hengist is 22% more powerful. The benefit is that it can pull more coaches or run faster uphill, giving greater operational flexibility for running on the mainline.

Greater Efficiency

More effective use of steam



When new, the original Clans had one of the lowest fuel consumption's of any British Standard Steam Locomotive. Hengist is expected to improve on this. As well as the improved exhaust system and higher boiler pressure other improvements are going to be made to the pistons and valves to reduce steam leakage and reduce wear, through improved materials and lubrication.


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